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Memories of the 2005 Reunion

(A Review by Monte Michaelson)

“Sweet memories are made of these,” were the lyrics of a popular song back in the day, our day! Now looking back on our 40th reunion I have ‘sweet memories’ of the 2 days we had together as a class reuniting. What a fantastic time! Friday night at the Isaac Walton was abuzz with all the former classmates and their spouses making introductions, getting reacquainted, reliving events and sharing stories of the past 40 years. There was “magic in the air.” Upon entering Isaac Walton we were immediately greeted by several classmates as we signed in and were given name tags. Sometimes the face didn’t match the name (you know what I mean). There were classmates everywhere huddled together in groups of two’s, three’s and four’s with lots of hugs and handshakes. It felt as if you had stepped back in time for those few hours we shared together, “those were the days my friends we thought they would never end.” We started at 7:00pm that evening and about 1:30am “the music died.”  A good time was had by all.  We were furnished with a large meat and relish tray (finger foods), there also was an open bar where you served soft drinks and “adult beverages,” which helped to ‘enhance’ our memories. We were also favored by the appearance of two former High School teachers; Mr. Roger Pries and Mr. Roger Lonbach, father-time has been good to them. Not one of us left feeling like we hadn’t connected with other classmates in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Along with our reunion week-end Pierre was also celebrating their annual “Oahe Days".  Saturday morning started off with a parade (not like in our day) and the Class of ‘65 was well represented by two entries:  Paul Mitchell riding his Harley with a sign that read “The Class of '65", and Carl Schwenn dressed in his clown regalia, he was one of the ‘bright spots’ of the parade. Class members erected a large tent that provided us an ‘official gathering place’ on Saturday, located next to the American Legion at the south end of Main Street. People came and went, laughed and fellowshipped, shared common experiences, and just hung out together catching up on the last 40 years. At 10:00am 51 classmates and spouses boarded the Capital City Queen tour boat at the Causeway for a cruise around LaFromboise Island. What a great time of being together in such close quarters. The tour wasn’t without some excitement as the boat ‘took on water’ after hitting a few waves which splashed over on more than several classmates (that water was cold), and they didn’t even serve towels with the shower. When the tour ended we were on our own until later that evening. Many returned to the American Legion, others walked the park taking part in the Oahe Days festivities and still others paired up with former classmates and did lunch.

At 7:00pm we all reassembled at the Ramkota Inn Banquet Room for a dinner and program. Paul Mitchell was the Master-of-Ceremonies and he introduced the other committee members and spoke about days gone by. The various committees did an outstanding job in promoting and coordinating our class reunion, many thanks. Recognition was given to those that had served in the armed forces, as 40 classmates (39 men and 1 woman) have served in some military capacity. Also, of the 196 that graduated, 15 are now deceased, and they were honored with a moment of silence. We ‘endured’ a group photo as some of us had to kneel while others sat or stood. As you well know, at our age, getting down is much easier than getting back up. The meal was delicious, but the highlight of the evening was the time spent together as a class reunited. The room was aglow with all the good conversation and the mingling of classmates. When the evening concluded there were lots of good-byes, a few tears and a promise to do it all over again, possibly in 5 years. I’ll be there and I hope you will as well! To quote from the lyrics of the most famous cowboy of them all, “happy trails to you, till we meet again.”

Monte Michaelson

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